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12 September 2008 @ 11:35 pm
NEWS 100 meme:)  
woot~! i have this meme decaying on my microsoft word for almost a year and this is the only time i had the mood to post it hahaha:)) it's really long so.. yeah, when boredom stirkes.. i am deadXD (labo:)))

NEWS MEME:D 100 questions:) go and make your imagination run wiiild:3 yeaaah..

will tag:


WARM UP (yess.. may paganun ganun:)))
1. That you're doing this, we can assume you like NEWS at least some.
not just at least some.. i love them all!!xD

2. Can you name all 6 current members?
Kato Shigeaki, Koyama Keiichiro, Yamashita Tomohisa, Tegoshi Yuya, Nishikido Ryo, Takahisa Masuda:)

3. What about the 2 not currently around?
Hironori Kusano and Hiroki Uchi<3

4. Ninth who left a long time ago?
i heard he changed his family name and goes by Taka now..(really? haha:D)

5. How did you learn about NEWS?

hmm..to be honest, i kind of forgot! haha:)) lemme see.. i think it started errr... in music station? haha:))

6. What was your first impression of NEWS?

wow.. these guys are smokin' HOT and CUTE!xD(a little gay)*slaps face*  

7. How did you come to like NEWS?

first, their faces (of course), songs, performaces, lyrics, body ohhhh yeeeaaah..

8. What do you think is NEWS strongest point when compared to other JE/music/talent groups?
They have this hmm... happy-go-lucky  "genki genki" aura around them which i really appreciate the most:)

9. What do you think is NEWS weakest point when compared to other JE/music/talent groups?
compared to other JE groups, i think NEWS members aren't that 'close' to each other, i mean, 
they once admitted that they don't eat together during break time except in NEWS
(Never Ending Wonderful Story) DVD concert.==> im still not sure about that. And they were suspended for a year right? So probably they didn’t have the time to talk and spend time with each other.. so yeah.

10. Are you listening to them right now?
almost every second!xD haha

11. Do you enjoy NEWS' music?

12. What are your 5 favorite NEWS songs? (Released on CD or not)
Ai no matador
kibou yell

13. What's your all time favorite solo song?

Massu's Pumpkin!!xD gaahd.. he's steps are just so.. ugh!!xD haha:)) but
i like koyama's love addiction too *singing* (rabu adikusyon..) and tegoshi's macho dance (hira hira hikaru..)

14. What music genre do you consider NEWS?


15. What Japanese song would you love to hear NEWS do a cover of?

YUI's songs(hahahaha)..L'arc (tesshi loves that band!XD i want to see and hear him sing their songs!xD)

16. What nonJapanese song would you love to hear NEWS do a cover of?
 i want tegoshi to sing "girlfriend" by avril lavigne:)) haha:))

17. Do you enjoy songs with all members or smaller groups better?
all members^-^ it's more exciting because i love guessing who's singing!^^

18. Can you sing all the lyrics to one or more of their songs?
yup^^ but still not that good in singing*covers face*

19. Do you have a favorite song title or lyric? What is it?
when it comes to love, definitely AI NANTE!!xD or... WHY haha but when it comes to smutty lyrics.. 
AI NO MATADOR IS THE BEST!XD oh wait... i think bambina also has the smut but
i haven't read the lyrics thoughXD

Favorite Related

20. Who's your favorite member?
TEGOSHI YUYA!!!xD heeeee... tegoshi baby^^

21. Who's your least favorite member?
Johnny kitagawa:D (hahahahahaha..)

22. Is there a member you could really do without?
NOOOO.... that is.. impossible!! i love NEWS!!x)x)

23. Your favorite relationship between members (as friendship or more)?

TegoPi!!!xD haaaa... TegoPi smut *drools...*
(THAT IS SO TRUE:D) *points at  the picture*

24. Who has the best fashion sense?

yamapi, even when he's wearing his pajamas or whatever he still looks stylish!!XD he has this "oh so cool" look!xD haha

25. Who normally has the best hairstyles?
i like tesshi's hairstyles:D
haaaa... he's so UGHH~!!XDXD

26. Who's singing voice is your favorite?

definitely tegoshi's voice!!xD his voice is one of the reasons why i love listening to NEWS:)

27. Speaking voice?

Tegoshi and Yamapi!xD i can't choose!x) teehee:3

28. What’s your favorite NEWS group magazine shoot picture?

I don't really have a favorite but this picture  is really cute:)

29. Solo picture?

30. Favorite shop photo? 

 i could look at him all day............................<3

31. Favorite CD cover?

its just so cute:3 **picture: kathy1002

32. Favorite DVD?
Never Ending Wonderful Story!!xD more tegopi moments~!XDXD

Member Related
33. If the members had become teachers, what do you think each would teach?
YAMAPI- uhhh.. "how to make tegoshi ***" subject!XD AHAHAHAHA:))
TEGOSHI- hmm.. PE is ok since he loves sports (soccer):3 he could also teach "how to become a girl in just a day!"<33
MASSU- cafeteria lady!xD just kidding!! haha^-^ he'll be teaching home economics?? he loves food anyway..:))
RYO- sex education! wahahahaha:))
KOYAMA- chemistry or biology!^^
SHIGE- arts! haa.. he'll teach me how to draw while holding my hand!!xD

34. Who seems most likely to show a different side of themselves on Christmas Eve?
hmm.. Ryo^^ he'll be gentle, sweet and caring and romantic and.. hihihihi*blush,blush*

35. If NEWS rangers were created, what colors?

RYO- black
TEGOSHI- pink *haha*
MASSU- blue
KOYAMA- yellow
SHIGE- violet

36. Please make NEWS into the ideal family.

YAMAPI- husband<3

TEGOSHI- wife<3i also want him to be the baby but.. i want tegopi more!!xD haha
RYO- jerky brother like a bully or something!xD
SHIGE- older sister(HAHA!!xD)
KOYAMA- younger brother
MASSU- pet,*slaps face* ok ok fine.. hmm.. let's see.. baby massu!^^

37. NEWS is a host club. Who would you pick, why?
Yamapi i guess, i mean just look at him!!! *drools...* oh yeaah...LOL!!

38. What kind of costume would you like to see them wear at a concert that they haven’t already done?
gothic lolita!!!xD or.... school girls!! nyaha:)) with mini skirts!!!^-^

39. How would you like to be related to NEWS?
Tegoshi- Husband (ohohohoho)
Yamapi- Boyfriend of my husband LOL!!!xD
Massu- my bestfriend^-^
Ryo- my teacher
Shige- neighbor
Koyama- my neigbor's husband!!xD hakhak!!

40. Assign an animal to each member.
Yamapi - Lion (i dont know why but looking at his previous hairstyle reminds me of a lion!! *throws shoe at my face*)
Ryo - Bear.. he may be scary but he can be cuddly and cute too^^ (awwww....(;)
Massu - cute little pig^^
Koyama - lizard (i dont know why, but it just popped out of my head for some reason)
Shige - this is hard.. errr... i really dont know): hmm.. rabbit?:)
Tegoshi - Penguin!! blame Happy Feet hihihi:p


41. Which NEWS member reminds you most of one of your own family members?
Yamapi sometimes reminds me of my brother:)

42. Who seems most likely to dress up on Halloween and/or do cosplay?
Tegoshi, he likes imitating other people!xD like kame! haha!

43. Who do you think you could pass by on the street without noticing?
koyama:), typical japanese^^

44. Who do you think has pulled the most all nighters?
yamapi!!^-^ he's doing that for his beloved kouhai tegoshi!^^
so tegoshi will fall more deepy inlove with his senpai!xD kyaaa~!

45. Which member would you want as a boss and why?
Yamapi, cause tegoshi told me he's a good leader/lover^^ hahahaha

46. Who would it be most awkward to catch in the erotic section of a video rental store?

massu?? haha! i know tegoshi's the youngest but after watching videos like "ero prince tegoshi" and "tegoshi's shocking lyrics!" made me changed my mind about tegoshi being 'innocent' HAHA!xD but i still love him^^ *kisses tego<3 then hugs*

Drama/TV Related

47. Do you watch the dramas containing NEWS members?

48. Do you watch dramas that DON'T contain NEWS members?

uhuh^^ but most dramas i watch contain NEWS members^^

49. Have you seen all the dramas they've stared in?
Sadly, no..):

50.What was the first Yamapi drama you saw?
kurosagi!! hahaha:))

51. Do you wait for subtitles to watch a drama with NEWS members?
Not really, i watch them even without subtitles!xD

52. Excluding Yamapi, which member of NEWS do you think has the best acting?
Tegoshi yuya! especially in 15 yr old's blues!! he gave me the chills!!!xD ughhh... yeaaah~!!! bravo tegoshi! bravo!!xD

53. Excluding Yamapi, who's acting do you enjoy the most?
Shige!x) he was really funny when he was trying to cheer emo kid tegoshi in Gekidan Engimono (Ie ga Tooi) hihi kawaii shige!!!xD

54. Is there a story you'd like to see made into a drama with one or more NEWS member?
The manga invisible boy^^ hyuuu~!  the main pairing will be, of course TegoPi!!xD senpai/kouhai LOVE!!! kyaaaa~!!

55. Is there a certain type of role you’d like to see one of them play?

a. A host (tegoshi) who fell in love with a rich and profligate man (yamapi) who changes girlfriends rather quickly.
b. A passive student(tegoshi) who fell in love with his tutor(yamapi)(?)
c. A slave (tegoshi) who's brutally beaten up by his master (yamapi) *evil grin* mwahaha
(there will be more in the future~!XD)

56. Do you watch Shonen Club?
sometimes, when i remember it!! haha

57. Is your main reason for watching Shonen Club NEWS as guests or Koyama as host?
NEWS as guests!!xD but koyama as host is ok^^

58. Have you seen Yamapi and/or Tegoshi’s episodes on Shonen Club Premium?

59. Have you seen any other Shonen Club Premium episodes?
hai hai:D

60. Did you regularly watch Ya-ya-yah!’s TV show?

no, just in youtube^^ when i have time

61. Have you watched many/most of the older episodes?
hmmm... naahh.. i only watched some^^ gomen:p

62. Did you try watching Say!Hey!Say! to see Koyama host?

hmm.. no, but i love seeing him hosting^-^

63. Do you regularly watch Japanese music shows (Such as Music Station or HEYHEYHEY), or just when NEWS is featured?

i always watch music station^^ except when i was out of town where NEWS performed taiyou no namida.. i didn't see the wet- look part!!! uwaaaa!!!!>.<

Fandom Related

64. Do you scan magazines?
i dont have a scannerT____T

65. Do you write fanfiction?
yeah.. when im in the mood^^

66. Do you read fanfiction?
yes!!! especially when it's tegopi and it's written by cess_chan  a.k.a  hime/himepi^^

67. Do you draw fanart?
no, but i tried sketching tegoshi before *trying to remember what it looks like, slashing my wrist for being a bad artist* boo!!

68. Do you enjoy fanart?
yeah(sometimes).. the ones that appears on japanese magz^^

69. Do you make image manipulations?


70. Do you talk too much about NEWS?
of course!! hahaha:)) NEWS is food!!xD haha:)) actually Tegoshi is my food but.. NEWS is still part of my diet!:) main dish is Tegoshi and dessert is TegoPi!!xD

71. Do you download pretty much everything that comes out?

OH YEAH~!XD I love my sister for buying me an external HD..XD

72. Do you upload for others?

depends i guess...

73. Do you make music/fan made videos?

pictures only haha!!x)

74. Do you watch fanmade music/fan videos?
uhuh^^ when i have time^-^

75. Do you watch fancams?


76. Do you do translations?
No.. haha

77. Do you read translations?

when it's english^^

78. Do you follow their Jwebs?


79. Do you follow the rest of JE, or at least some of it?

yes^^ mostly hey say jump, kat-tun and arashi^^

80. Do you follow other Japanese musical groups?
uhuh^^ jrock, visual kei^^ and other jpop groups^^

81. Have you converted other people into NEWS fans?
YES!^^ and there are a lot of them!!xD

83. Do you own any NEWS CDs?

84. Do you own any DVDs?

Never Ending Wonderful Story...^^

85. Do you own any magazines?
Wink up and i will be owning another two next weekXDXD (i hope..)

86. Do you own any concert goods?
nope, i'm in their dressing room:)

87. Do you own any shop photos?
reprints only:3

88. Have any posters on your wall?
i have a poster of tegoshi but i don’t want posting it^^

89. Any other special/not-above-mentioned items?

Tegoshi's dog tinny!! nyahaha:))

90. If you could have any NEWS item given to you magically as a gift, what would it be?
item?? hmmm... *puts a sign on tegoshi saying "I AM AN ITEM"* okay, that gift would be tegoshi:D

91. So. Are Uchi and Kusano coming back?
i dont know...): but i heard from my senpai that they are coming back yaaay~!!x)
i want them back.. i want the old pairings back like RyoUchi and TegoPi<3

92. Do you want them back, why or why not?

as long as the 6 remaining members are there i'm ok with it^^

93. NEWS members having girlfriends- how do you feel?

I feel like killing someone... but i guess we can't help itT___T... we can't deny that they're 'Guys' and guys are well.. guys! but sometimes guys will be girls too ne?^^ just like tegoshi..^___^

94. If you could meet and chat with just one of the members once in your life, who?

95. Can you write the kanji for all member names?
sadly, i can't..): but i can write tesshi's!!xD hihi:p i'm still learning it though^^

96. What do you think of Ryo being in both Kanjani∞ and NEWS?

really???! hahaha:)) hmm.. well.. he'll have to work really hard^-^ yosh! ganbatte ryo-chan!!xD

97. NEWS loses another member. Who is it, and why?
noooo... i dont like this question!! bleeeehhh!! i hate you!!>_<

98. Do you use the word “tabai”?

no.. hmm tabai means?? multibyte??? hahaha:))

99. After this, one more question. You have to bring back one of the three lost members to NEWS- who is it?
T______T this is hard!!! errr... i guess... kusano but.. uchi!! ryo's uchi!!:(( 
but if kusano is back then massu can go back to him and leave tesshi alone with yamapi! yeah! but... hmmm... *acck* I can’t really answer this question:p gomen ne?:( *smashes brick on my face*

100. …wasn’t this meme annoying?
no.. not really^^ i enjoyed it!



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手越祐也 sarah. >3<: +_+ <3tesshi_yamapi on September 22nd, 2008 03:35 am (UTC)
PITEGOrian theorem.:))
imy mika-chaaaan.
akanishikoki: yamapi smirkakanishikoki on October 18th, 2008 10:40 am (UTC)
please do tag me too

i love tego pi too