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26 August 2008 @ 06:05 pm
I've been tagged by: bea_chan22
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10 August 2008 @ 12:06 am
I just finished watching Gravitation OVA, I've already watched it before but since I've been reading the manga and noveI,  I can't help but watch the whole series again~!XDD

CHARACTERS: click the cut and discover amazing images<3 LOL. (if you don't want to see shounen ai or boy's love then don't click^-^ you've been warned:D)

okay so, Watching it again made me realize how much i miss anime. awwww..  haha. I'm not into it that much since JE entered my world. I actually can't believe it myself  O__o before i call myself (redundant much) "anime girl or yaoi girl" nyaha:p  My parents always tell me "Mag sasawa ka din dyan.."--> "you'll get tired of it." and my response would always be "NEVER~!". hmm.. how ironic, if you'll look on my present situation, you won't hear me talk about anime and as you can see there aren't any anime-related on my journal except for the yuuram pic on my sidebarXD 

I think I'll start to watch more anime like before:D <3 weee~! thanks to GRAVITAION~!XD haha:D
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07 August 2008 @ 08:33 pm
uwaaaaaaaa~!!!!!! my tegopi_kissu post is missing!!!!!>.< maybe it got deleted again.. uwaaa!!! mika no baka!!!!!!!!>.< i really am stupid....:(( oh well.. i'll create another one later... *sigh*  baka baka baka baka...
01 August 2008 @ 07:48 pm
okaaay, tomorrow is UPCAT (University of the Philippines Citizenship Advancement Training College Admission Test) and i will be having my test at the Institute of CHEMISTRY building. (why chem??? why oh why????>.<) that doesn't affect the test papers right?? LOL. anyway, i haven't really review at all, i even forgot my Science review bookT__T ughh..  how stupid is that? haha.

I realized how important algebra and geometry is, especially geometry T__T I thought that if my grades in math this year are quite high, i would still have the chance to pass UPCAT or ACET although i realized that it wouldn't change the fact that i have an incredibly low grade back then,
i am such a slacker~!! if only i could bring back time, i'll definitely study~!!!!!>.< but im too late:( laziness won over industriousness *sigh*  let's give mika a big round of applause and a BIG YAY, ne? *clap, clap, clap* YAAAAY~!!!

dang it! my head hurts.. i think i'll sleep now. I haven't had a good sleep since last week due to effin' shits *points at my homeworks and disapponting quiz papers* .. anyway,
HI TO CHAVEZ~!! [ana_nyan] (feeling close??XD haha:D) i hope i could talk to you soon~!! oh and i WANT the next scene on your TegoPi skit~!!XD (weee~! bananas~!!XDD) lol. demanding??XD


Teppei koike:D

uwaaa~!! i forgot to thank MIKAI [mikagoshi]for fixing my friendster account.x ( awww.. because of what you did i think I'll open my friendster and be active again:) ILY~!!XDD
26 July 2008 @ 09:35 pm
yaaay~! mikaii [mikagoshi] is at our house and she's currently sleeping.. uwaa kawaii~!<3 lol! she's awake now~! harhar.. we're fangirling a while ago especially about TegoPi but now, we're bashing yamapi!XDD kidding!! LMAO! I'm teaching her how to duplicate pictures on photobucket and i accidentally ruined pi's picture by distorting his face!! uwaaaa!!!>.< and since boredom is killing us i decided  to post something and i'm thinking of posting pi's ruined picture but a lot of you might get mad at me  so i'll just post a spoiler of our fic^^,

Title: NewS Reunited
Author: mori [morie_pi] and mika  [mika_tesshi]
Pairing: TegoPi(main), RyoUchi, MassAno, KoyaShige
Rating: still not sure, teehee:3
Disclaimer: We do NOT own NewS. fufuuu..

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17 July 2008 @ 08:17 pm
I hate this week!! at first i thought it was going to be fun since we're going to have our retreat tomorrow and to think that my weekend was fun even though the effin' refresher course was a brain killer and we had our UPCAT mock exam, again!  i thought they're going to review or teach usT__T

but anyway, Two of my teachers are mad at me! one from physics and one from math, We were having our lecture for our new topic in physics and some of my classmates  won't stop talking and whispering to each other while I was attentively listening (it's true!>.<) my head started to hurt and i don't know why..T^T,  so I bend my head down on  my desk to rest for a while, suddenly my teacher called me "mika?" then i said "i'm sorry miss, my head hurts." and then she got pissed and said "get 1/4 sheet of paper we're going to have a quiz."

AHHHHHHHHHHH~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and now  i think it's all my fault why we all failed!!!>.< I confronted my teacher and apologized she then told me that it wasn't completely my fault, i thought i was going to have a breakdown because some of my classmates were blaming me and i was crying in front of her!>.<  good thing she was nice enough to calm me down and good thing no one saw me crying.o_O i can't believe i cried uhh..T__T

Next was our Math teacher.. ugghhhhhh~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!>.< i am so pissed off!!!!!!! i was having my make up math quiz about zeros of polynomials, (i studied that for two days!) I was glad he gave me a very easy equation. After finishing my quiz i noticed my blue filler which was given to me by my kouhai and some of my junior friends left a retreat letter inside so i decided to read some of them then i remembered i still have to pass my quiz paper so i went to the faculty and handed my paper to my loving and very very VERY understanding teacher

sir, here's my paper
teacher: next time i won't give you a special quiz, i saw you opened your notebook.
mika: no sir, that was my. .
teacher: *slams door*

urgghhh~!!! that wasn't my math notebook ok!??!?!?!?!?! it was my freakin' retreat notebook!!!!!X(X( he didn't even let me talk!!!!>.< i know it's kind of my fault for opening a notebook during a quiz but still!!  he should have listen or at least let me talk!  it's okay if he doesn't want to believe me, i at least just want to let him know my side and i  believe i have a valid reason for my action. I was so embarrassed in front of my school mates and teachers! they all thought i cheated WTF??T~T good thing my AP teacher asked me what REALLY happened and helped me out  a little, it kind of calmed me down and my adviser was willing to talk to my math teacher!! waaah~!! i'm so thankful~!!TT__TT i love them~!

well then, my ranting ends here.. deeym.. im so tired..TT~TT and i can't fall asleep, i hope i could talk to him soon..:((
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06 July 2008 @ 08:23 pm
I won't be posting an entry for the next few weeks. I'm really busy with my school works since I've been absent for days and I've missed a lot of lectures and quizzes so as an average student i need to study twice as hard as my batch mates oh and our C.A.T training  has already start and being a platoon leader is not as easy as it looks like, sure they see us ordering our platoons around but really.. they don't know how hard it is! so for those who are in my platoon and wouldn't stop complaining, remember, you're not the only one who's tired and please, OBEY before you COMPLAIN! is it really that hard?T_____T 

for my friends here.. I'm really going to miss you~!!!!>.< I'm sorry if i haven't post my tegopi fic i really don't have any time:(( I'll ask my friend if she could post my fic instead~!XD nyaha:p well then, see you soon, friends!:) ILY:)

picture made by aya nee-chan:)[aya_tenshi]kawaii desu ne?XD

random~!XDXD ahahaha homighad.. i haven't finish my physics homework yet!!! uwaaaa... i'm so dead..TT____TT im going to do it tomorrow~!! yosh! i'll wake up early and go to school early.. yeaaah..:)) mwahahaha~!!XD am i responsible?? or am is so responsible?XDXD LOL.
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