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04 February 2009 @ 11:36 pm
dame dayo.  
I currently can't think of an eye-catching subject right now (since when did i put a an eye-catching subject?T__T) but anyway, today is wednesday and i'm doing an activity in computer although i'm too lazy to do it which gives you and my teacher the right to call me "slacker" he did said that:) haha funneh.
Talk about laziness, i've been slacking off for almost a month now or maybe two... o_O I haven't been participating in our class, especially math and physicsT__T i don't know where this post is going but uhh... i won't be using this account anymore. i don't have the time to flail, sream, and talk about my non-sense and almost absurd life *rolls eyes*  well then, be back in summer?

i'll create a new account, but i'm still not sure.. anyway, thanks a lot, friends:) you made my life a much better, suitable, comfortable, wonderful, amazing, source of energey (????) and yeah:D haha:)) i'll miss you guys! especially tegopi shippers.


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Beabea_chan22 on February 10th, 2009 03:40 pm (UTC)
Mika Matsumoto Teppei (yeah, I still prefer that you bring Teppei's name.. LOL).

Grabe, Comp class mo ito ginagawa? Awww. I miss high school. How nostalgic. Kaso si Sir Fabi (sp?) na sa inyo. Ahahahahaha. Onting tiis na lang Mika, gagraduate ka na ng HS. Baka pumunta ako sa grad niyo, depende na lang kung papayagan ako ng schedule ng Ateneo. *crosses fingers*

Do another account, dudette. XDD Miss na kita eh. Ayieeee~. Syempre, sipsip sa nanay ng asawa ko. WTH. Pero alam kong di mo na ako miss kasi di ako super TegoPi shipper. D: D: Ano ba yan, nagdrama. =))